2018 Men's City Tournament Info

Monday, June 4, 2018

The 2018 Men's City Tournament is scheduled for June 9th - 10th at Break Time Billiards in Cary, NC! Check out the links below for the tournament board and more info!

2018 Men's City Tournament Board 

"Team Certification Form" 

Men's City Tournament Roster 


A team captain's meeting will be held 30 minutes before the start of each teams first round. Team captains must turn in their "Team Certification Form" prior to the captain's meeting. Therefore, team captains should get the signatures of their team members prior to the first round of play. Any player not signing the "Team Certification Form" prior to the start of the tournament will be ineligible to participate in the entire tournament.

Print off your "Team Certification Form" and bring it with you to the tournament.

All rounds are scheduled according to match number on the tournament board. APA game rules and Local By-Laws still apply. 

Good Luck To All
Teams Participating!!