Men's League Information


The Men's League is an alternate, once a month format in 8-ball. Thus, you can play in the men's division and only have to commit one Sunday a month to do so.  Double matches will be played on the Sunday the league meets. The division is a travel division, so each month the entire division will travel to different host locations to compete (the divisions will be split between two or three host locations dependent on size).  Start time is 2:00pm each month.  The league schedule is 6 months, from June-November and December-May. Teams will qualify directly to 8-ball cities from Men's League Divisions.

SCHEDULE and LOCATION assignments by division will be posted soon the next session starts June 15, 2018.  Since the league travels as a division, where you play is not based on who is the home team. Do not go by the location that shows up on the national website. 


2018-19 Men's League Flier


Dates and Locations: 

The Men's division travels as a group which is a custom format to this area. The system does not support travel in this fashion. Please refer to the Locations and Dates document. Do not go by the published schedules in the app, on our website or at the bottom of your scoresheets for upcoming matches.