Raleigh Billiard Academy 

                                                                                          Steve Lee
Certified BCA Instructor  

Raleigh Billiard Academy was founded on a desire to create a way to provide a recognized form of instruction to all skill levels of pool players. We wanted to create a program that had been proven and would be repeatable!
We also realized that people are interested in getting involved in the leagues but had never played and there are league players that wanted to get better and pursue playing (and doing well) in tournament play as well.
To address these needs, our instructors have all received formal Billiards Congress of America instruction from Master Instructors and are now Members of the BCA instruction program. We offer both classroom training and private lessons.
Raleigh Billiard Academy staff members have all been team captains and players of APA league teams, competitors in various tournament competitions and have enjoyed the sport of pool for the many years. Our ultimate goal is to help others to learn and to want to learn more about the sport!
Formal training serves to help a player in their enjoyment of the game and to stimulate a desire to improve. We have also found this to be an opportunity to encourage individuals that have never played to feel they have the foundation and the confidence they need to start playing! More established players find that the formal training provides them with the tools they need to improve their game and gives them stronger fundamentals that are critical to taking your game to next level!