Vegas Coupon Program 

  Are you at the point that you don't care about winning a patch and don't even request the patch if you earn it?  Well here is another option for can choose a coupon for an entry into a drawing for a trip to Vegas instead.  So for having a rackless night, 8 on the break, 8 break & run, 9 on the break, or 9 break & run, you could be VEGAS BOUND!  So, you have two options if you earn a can either receive a patch OR you can get a coupon for an entry into the drawing for a trip to Las Vegas during the APA National Team Championships (flight & hotel for 4 days/3 nights).  The number of entries in unlimited - you just have to earn them in the matches you play.  If you choose the coupon instead of the patch, fill out the coupon that night with the required information and turn the coupon in with your team's scoresheet so that it can be validated. We will give away one trip to Vegas per 1000 coupons we receive. But don't worry.......if you don't want the coupon for the entry into a drawing for a trip to Vegas, you can still get a patch.