When you play league play in APA, you have the opportunity to earn APA Patches as an award for your performance each week!  Here are the patches that are available to be earned in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill APA. 
Please note, some conditions/stipulations apply for certain APA patches.  See the details below for each patch.

8-Ball Patches 

8 Break & Run           8 On The Break           Rackless Night

All 8-Ball Patches are available to all Skill Levels.  Rackless Patches are limited to one per session.

9-Ball Patches

   9 Break & Run      9 On The Snap       20-0 Skunk 

Masters Patches  


  Masters 8 Break     Masters 8 Break & Run     Masters 9 On The Snap     Masters 9 Break & Run

Higher Level Tournament Patches

      HLT 8 Break & Run          HLT 8 Break     
    HLT Rackless 

  HLT 9 Break & Run                      HLT 9 Snap 

 Other Performance Patches


 Top Gun Red                 Top Gal Pink

Mini Slam 8         Grand Slam        Mini Slam 9

  ** Top Gun/Top Gal Patches are earned by making the Top Gun List & participating in the Top Gun Tournament.
** The Mini Slam 8-Ball Patch is earned when a player gets an 8 On The Break & an 8 Break & Run.
** The Mini Slam 9-Ball Patch is earned when a player gets a 9 On The Snap & a 9 Break & Run.
** The Grand Slam Patch is earned for an 8 On The Break, 8 Break & Run, 9 On The Snap, & a 9 Break & Run.

To claim a Mini-Slam or Grand Slam Patch - turn in one of each of
the required patches in an envelope to APA with the players name on it.  APA
will then send back the earned Mini Slam or Grand Slam patch to the player the
next week in place of the submitted patches.  

Longevity Patches
 500 Club                    1000 Club 

 500 Club & 1000 Club patches are awarded to players for reaching a longevity milestone with APA.  Once a player reaches 500 or 1000 matches in 8-Ball or 9-Ball, they will receive a 500 Club or 1000 Club patch for their accomplishment.  Please note: 8-Ball and 9-Ball matches cannot be combined to receive a longevity patch.