Men's Local Team Championship

The Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill APA hosts a Men's Division that plays once a month. The league year last from June through May of the following year, with the Ladies Local Team Championship scheduled for June following the conclusion of the league year.  One tournament is held each year which qualifies teams for the APA Open 8-Ball Championship held in Las Vegas every August at the Westgate Resort and Casino.
For the team qualifying for the Championships in Las Vegas**, each player on the team will receive $800.00 travel assistance. 
Sixteen teams will make it into the Men's Local Team Championship. The top finishing teams in the division will automatically advance to the Local Team Championship. Exact details for qualification will be posted each league year based on the number of teams participating. 


**Dependent on the number of slots awarded to our league area by the national office. Our local APA is guaranteed one open 8-ball slot for every 50 open 8-ball teams participating in our league.