The APA Ladies 8-Ball Championship

League Format 

Once a month league that plays on Sunday afternoons.
League year runs July - May with World Qualifier in June.
  • Maximum of 5 players allowed on roster.
  • Teams may choose any 3 of 5 team members to participate in each match.
  • The total of the 3 players fielded in any team match cannot exceed 13.
  • Standard coaching rules apply.
  • 8-Ball format using a games must win chart.
  • 3 point scoring system.
  • Full team forfeits and Byes receive 4 points.
  • Individual forfeits in the regular session receive 2 points (3 points in playoffs and tournaments).

2018-19 Ladies League Flier

Locations and Dates 
IMPORTANT: The ladies divisions travel as groups which is a custom format to this area. The system does not support travel in this fashion. Please refer to the Locations and Dates document. Do not go by the published schedules in the app, on our website or at the bottom of your scoresheets for upcoming matches. 
For more information:
League Office (919) 578-4758